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Author Takeover! Rebekah Jonesy Interviews Pitch From the Upcoming Clay and Blood!

Afternoon, all. Today here on The Mountain Caller, we're going to do something a bit differently. Today, the splendiferous Rebekah Jonsey is making a return appearance as part of her blog tour for the upcoming Clay and Blood, Mab's Doll Series book 2. But hey, why should I have to do all the work around here? So today, Beks is going to be interviewing one of her characters, the Kelpie Pitch. Should be fun. So take it away, Beks!

Hello everyone, my name is Rebekah Jonesy and I am here today on Mountaincaller to interview Pitch the Kelpie. To start things off I have to let people know that “Pitch” isn’t his real name. It is a name he has accepted to use during this time. Because you won’t give us your real name, will you?

*Pitch shakes his massive head, mane flapping around the room hitting the ceiling.*

Ok instead of having to crane my neck up to see your massive Clydesdale like head up there, could you maybe lay down or

*eyes go wide as Pitch shrinks in size and shape to resemble a small Greyhound dog*

*Pitch wanders around the entryway sniffing at shoes that have been placed neatly by the door before disappearing behind a cloak hanging from a hook on the wall*

Ok yeah, you could do that too. Uhm, what was I saying? Oh, anyway, we don’t know Pitch’s real name so we will stick with his username for the purpose of this interview.

*Pitch appears to think about it, then nods his head sagely before walking off slightly*

Ok, so, another thing about Pitch, he doesn’t talk. While kelpies can talk, they prefer not to do so. Right?

*Pitch looks over and sticks his tongue out and lifts his lip in disgust*

I’m taking that as a yes. That’s why I am doing most of the talking here. Having a bit of experience with him, I thought I would do a better job talking with and understanding Pitch. Or maybe translating is a better way of putting it.
So Pitch, you are a friend of Gillian’s the hero of the story Clay and Blood. Can you tell us why you came on this journey with her?

*Pitch lifts his head, just his head, up from behind the couch where he has wandered off to*

Did you hear what I said?

*Pitch nods and I have to wonder where his neck is*

Are you going to answer? Or give me a hint at least?

*With a snickering laugh Pitch shakes his head violently in denial, doing a good impression of a tea kettle being shaken on a stick as I finally see his pencil thin stretched neck*

Is it because Danu asked you to come?

*more snickers waft out from behind the couch along with some snuffling sounds*

I think that might be a no-

*more snickers*

Or a yes?

*a tiny rat shape trundles out from under the couch and wanders over to the bookcase*

I really hope that’s you, Pitch

*the shape on the floor stops and looks over a me, growing slightly in size until I can see the red vapor wafting around the eyes*

Yup, that’s Pitch. Unless Drew is using a very interesting and possibly radioactive bait for mutant rats. Ok if it wasn’t Danu that asked you join Gillian then why did you join? And how did you know where and when to meet with Gillian and Mab at the pier?

*Pitch’s grin stretched back farther than his face reached*

Are you going to tell --

*Pitch’s nose is now big enough that I realize he is growing it larger on purpose*

Oh you smelled them? You sniffed them out so you knew where they were.But how did you know that they would-- Pitch? Where are you-- Pitch I don’t think Drew would like that.

*Pitch stops pawing at the books on the bookcase to turn a baleful gaze on me*

Those are his books Pitch. His stories. That is how we humans share information and pass them on.

*Pitch turns back to the books and sniffs at them delicately. With a pleased smile he leaves them alone and walks off to wander around a desk*

Ok so back to … uhm. Oh, you and Gillian swam to shore in New Jersey where you met Officer Brown. He was the one that first suggested your usename. What did you think about him?

*Pitch sits down on his haunches to think about it. After a moment he lifts both front legs with his paws facing up in a way that proves that despite his shape his is no dog. He moves alternates both paws up and down as if he is weighing something.*

So not good or bad?

*Pitch goes back to sniffing around the desk*

Ok, how did you feel when you learned that he was being controlled by a siren?

*raucous laughter erupts from under the desk*

Why is that funny?

*Pitch struts out from under the desk. A gold championship belt is wrapped around his middle.*

Where did you even find that?!

*Ignoring the question Pitch grows in size and rears up on his hind legs until he is taller than I am when standing. Sitting he now towers over me as he flexes his front legs in an exaggerated pose framing the championship belt he has somehow managed to wear on his waist*

What are you doing?

*Pitch snarls and stomps around on his back legs, continuing to make silly strong man poses which look even more bizarre on his contorted canine shape then they do on humans*

That’s Drew’s trivia championship belt. We shouldn’t mess with that.

*Pitch laughs and shakes his head*

What do you mean no? That’s his. He made it, and won the rights to wear it.

*Pitch shrugs and nods*

So it’s his.

*Pitch shakes his head again.

Yes it is. This is his place. All of this is his.

*Pitch shakes his head again*

How is it not? We’re at his place doing this interview now --

*Pitch shrinks in size, the belt sliding off. Using his back feet he scrapes at the carpet, kicking the belt away and continuing to scratch at the floor*

“I’ve seen my dog do the same thing when another dog has been in the… yard… Pitch.. Oh no. Tell me you didn’t.”

*Pitch laughs uproariously and prances around the room scratching at the floor near every place he has stopped*

“You’re removing his scent. Which means you used your own scent to mark… Oh. Oh no.”

*Pitch dashes around the room, jumping on furniture and laughing his fool head off*

“Please tell me kelpies mark like cats with their cheeks and not like dogs!”

*Without responding Pitch laughs again and races to the door, knocks the door handle down, and bolts outside. His laughter can be heard fading into the distance*

Uhm so that’s all we have time for, folks! We’ll get out of Drew’s lair here, hopefully before he gets back. And before I have to pay for a carpet cleaning. Uhm, in case anyone is wondering… uh… being marked by a kelpie is considered good luck. Yeah! Yeah it is. Yup. Let’s not tell Drew about that just in case he doesn’t know though. Ok? Ok. So thanks for listening, watching, whichever, I’m not really sure what happened here and if you would like to read more about this and the others characters, I promise Pitch isn’t making any more stops in anyone else’s homes this tour, please check out my book Clay and Blood.

And please join me on the rest of the stops on my book release blog tour for Clay and Blood. I did a lot of fun interviews, different flavor for each one. I also wrote character spotlights and articles that I thought were a lot of fun. So check out ourwriteside.com for those links or my blog http://rebekahjonesy.blogspot.com/ for the list, that’s also where I post glowing reviews on all of JD’s works so far. I will also be posting the links on my reader group on Facebook where I let my geek flag fly proudly and talk about my books and writing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1214371635362864

Dang it, you guys! It's a mess in here! Hmmm, I may have to rethink letting other people in here. Well anyway, check out Rebekah online and go get Clay and Blood when it comes out on Halloween! And be sure to check out the other stops on Beks' Blog Tour. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find the carpet steamer...

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